JingOS is a product of JingLing Tech. Jing/鲸 means Whale, and Ling/鲮 means Dace Fish in Chinese. The logo of JingLing is two fishes together which means a small ecosystem.

We have a team of very experienced Linux experts who had previously worked at Lenovo, Alibaba, Samsung, Canonical/Ubuntu, Trolltech and other famous IT Companies.

We are based in Beijing and California.


In the past 10 years (from 2010 to 2020) of the rise of mobile devices, we haven’t seen any product which can perfectly combine the mobile experience and desktop experience.

You may have noted that Apple is integrating MacOS and iPadOS to provide an unified experience. But Apple’s progress in doing this is very slow, and its ecosystem is not open. Also, it seems Windows and Android haven’t yet made any achievements in these areas.

The mission of JingOS is to create a future open operating system with the unified experience of “mobility”, “productivity”, and “entertainment” for global users.


Get the source code from GitHub