World’s First Linux-Based Tablet OS

JingOS is a ‘convergence’ Linux-Based Open-Source mobile OS

for tablets and mobile devices.

It can run Linux and Android apps.

It is adapted to run naturally with touch, pencil, keyboard and trackpad.

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Mobile or Desktop All in one

JingOS adapts to tablet and desktop experiences, connect the keyboard and touchpad to desktop mode for productivity, you can use it to word, make PPT, coding, create and take-note. Without the keyboard, it will be a reading and entertainment device, you can use it to watch movies, read favorite books, play favorite games and listen to favorite music.

Mobile First, Well Designed

Multi-Touch gestures supported,Beautifully designed icons and animations effects.Full-screen application experience ,let you be more focused when using it.

Support Trackpad Gestures and Keyboard

JingOS optimized the gestures for your trackpad too. You can use trackpad gestures similar to screen gestures. That makes you a better experience when you are using your device in laptop mode.

Linux and Android apps support, More apps in AppStore

We connect Linux and Android apps through technology, making JingOS a ‘convergence’ Linux OS. You can run productivity apps through Linux desktop apps, and you can watch movies using Netflix, Disney+ and play games like PUBG through Android apps. you can more apps through our AppStore.

*Android suitable only for ARM-based devices, and X86-based devices only run Linux apps

JingOS perfect for productivity and developer

JingOS installs Chrome browser by default to read and browse web pages, WPS Office software can help you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and VS Code.

Safe, Fast, and Privacy

JingOS is based on Linux and has the advantage of security.Privacy is a fundamental human right and at the core of everything we do.

Elegant built-in apps for your daily driver.

We have designed apps for JingOS including Calculators, Clocks, Files, MediaPlayer, Photos, and Recorder. These apps are the same as iPad apps, designed for touch and tablet experience.